Video demonstration of the device operation


Size:70 x 53 x 24 mm
Compatibility:Android 4.0 and later
Enclosure:ABS plastic
Connection Type:Bluetooth or wired USB OTG connection
Bluetooth reception range:up to 10m
Range of reception of a signal from the sensor:up to 70m
Sonar Type:Lucky - boat
Temperature units:Celsius/Fahrenheit
Operating temperature range:-20С to 50С
Current consumption:56 milliamps (mA) in transfer mode via Bluetooth
Battery:Powered by 6 AAA cells
Runtime:Depends on battery capacity.

Operating time when connecting via Bluetooth:

for salt batteries - 10 hours, for alkaline batteries - 18 hours, for lithium batteries - 23 hours, for 1000 mA batteries - 40 hours.

When connected via USB OTG, the operating time depends on the battery capacity of the smartphone or tablet

Advantages of XFishFinder USB OTG + Bluetooth

How does XFishFinder USB OTG + Bluetooth work