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The XFishFinder sounder was created to be used as quickly and easily as possible. To turn on the echo sounder, just attach the device to your smartphone, attach the sensor to the fishing line and put it in the water. Then just drop the sensor to the place you want to scan, and XFishFinder does the rest. The echo sounder will automatically transmit detailed information about the reservoir, including data on depth, temperature, underwater vegetation and relief. And the most important thing is, of course, the places where the fish hide!
Go to the "Buy" section on our website and place an order for XFishFinder.
Your XFishFinder sounder, no matter if the XFishFinder USB OTG or XFishFinder USB OTG + Bluetooth model will work with any device based on Android OS 4.0 or later. To be completely sure, just go to Google Play and check if the XFishFinder application is compatible with your device. If so, the XFishFinder echo sounder itself will be compatible with your smartphone or tablet. To work via USB, OTG requires that your device supports this technology.
Size: 45 x 29 x 27 mm; Weight: 15g; Compatibility: Android 4.0 and up.
Body: ABS plastic,
Connection type: Wired USB OTG connection,
Distance from the sensor: up to 70m; The range of reception of the signal from the sensor depends largely on weather conditions.
Type of sonar: Lucky - Boat;
Temperature unit: Celsius / Fahrenheit;
Operating temperature range: -20 ° C to 40 ° C;
Current Consumption: 26 milliampere (mA)
Battery: powered by a smartphone or tablet battery;
Operating time: depends on the battery capacity of your smartphone or tablet.  The approximate running time can be calculated as the battery capacity divided by the current consumed. With a battery capacity of 2000 mA / H, with a minimum screen brightness, the approximate running time: 2000/26 mA=76 hours
Size: 70 x 53 x 24 mm; Weight: 27g; Compatibility: Android 4.0 and up.
Body: ABS plastic,
Connection type: Bluetooth or wired USB OTG connection,
Bluetooth reception distance: up to 10m; Distance from the sensor: up to 70m; The range of reception of the signal from the sensor depends largely on weather conditions.
Type of sonar: Lucky - Boat;
Temperature unit: Celsius / Fahrenheit;
Operating temperature range: -20 ° C to 40 ° C;
Current consumption: 56 milliamperes (mA)
Battery: powered by 6 AAA cells;
Operating time: for salt batteries - 10 hours, for alkaline batteries - 18 hours, for lithium batteries - 23 hours, for 1000 mA batteries - 40 hours. When connected via USB OTG, the operating time depends on the battery capacity of the smartphone or tablet
Depends on sonar sensor. For Lucky type sensors, the XFishFinder boat can scan depths of up to 40m. Remember, the scanning depth is very dependent on the charging of the sonar sensor battery!
They are saved in the settings file. When upgrading to a new version, they persist. If you uninstall the program and reinstall it, you will have to re-enter it.
If an SD card is inserted, it will be saved to the card in the root folder `XFishFinder`. If the SD card is not inserted, from version 7 android to virtual SD card, up to version 7 android: `Device memory - Android - data - com.xfishfinder.xfishfinder`
The map should be displayed on the left, the data from the sensor on the right. 660dc21924d9442e97846df349d6f359=The map will show your current position if GPS is on. Your current position will be marked on the map if GPS is on If you have something wrong, go to the phone using your Google account, if it doesn't help, send us a screen
Independently. Connect the device, throw the sensor into the water, the data from the sensor will appear on the screen.
XFishFinder Channel in Youtube
After the sensor was thrown into the water, and data from the sensor appeared on the screen, press: `Menu - Player - Record`. To stop recording, click `Menu - Player - Stop`. To watch the recording, click `Menu - Player - Playback`, select the file to play.
Green signal on the device - Power supply to the device, red - Come This data from the fishfinder sensor.
The XFishFinder echo sounder line is designed for both amateurs and fishing professionals. No matter what your experience or fishing style, XFishFinder will make your fishing more productive. XFishFinder is suitable for users of any age, thanks to the built-in intellectual technology, however, for users under the age of 13, we recommend using the device under supervision.
None. It does not matter what country you are in and whether there is a cellular network or mobile Internet signal, your XFishFinder will work. Internet connection is absolutely not required for the operation of the echo sounder. Install the XFishFinder mobile app on your device in advance and the smart echo sounder will work where you want.
Yes, you can. All XFishFinder models are designed specifically for use in winter.
None. The XFishFinder device is not designed for active use in conditions of high humidity and immersion in water.
No. You will need only one rod, but some anglers prefer to fish with two rods, throwing the sensor to scan with one of them, and use the second rod for throwing gear.
We made the XFishFinder case so strong that it could withstand even the most demanding conditions of use, but of course damage sometimes happens. If this happens, do not use the device, as this may cause damage to the internal electronic components. Please email us support@xfishfinder.ru
Yes. Your XFishFinder smart sonar will work even without a cellular network or Internet signal. You do not need to worry about this when choosing a place for fishing. You can fish in places as far as possible from the civilization, and your XFishFinder will work fine. For mapping, use Google Maps OffLine maps.
No, not needed. Using XFishFinder, you can use functions that access GPS, such as the function of creating depth maps in boat mode or the function of marking wells using GPS without connecting to GSM networks or accessing the Internet. XFishFinder uses a smartphone receiver, however, the GPS functions are available even if you do not have access to the Internet or a cellular network signal.
No. You do not need a Wi-Fi internet connection or a cellular signal when fishing with XFishFinder.
Of course it will. XFishFinder connects directly to satellites. During the operation of the functions using GPS, you will see the satellite icon on the screen.
When throwing XFishFinder over long distances, you may experience communication problems between the XFishFinder device and the sensor. This is due to the fact that when a certain distance is reached, the received signal from the sensor becomes weaker, which can cause a loss of communication.
You must remember that the GPS module of your smartphone connects directly with the satellites. To make the connection as confident as possible, we recommend that you give a couple of minutes before use. During this time, XFishFinder will have time to establish a reliable connection with satellites. Make sure that the satellite icon is present on the smartphone screen. This icon means that the echo sounder has established a reliable connection with the satellites.
The continuous operation time of the XFishFinder USB OTG depends on the battery capacity of your smartphone or tablet. Remember that the time of continuous operation depends strongly on the brightness of the smartphone screen.

XFishFinder USB OTG + Bluetooth batteries last for at least 10 hours. When using USB OTG + Bluetooth in low temperatures, the batteries may run down somewhat faster.
The XFishFinder sounder constantly scans and sends data to the smartphone. The image on the screen is updated every second and new data is added to the right. Because of this, the screen is constantly moving. Thus, even if the echo sounder is stationary, the image on the display will scroll from right to left.
Yes, but not all application functions will work.
Not yet. Currently, XFishFinder only works with Android devices. Our team is constantly working on software updates and the development of new software platforms. We will definitely launch XFishFinder on new operating systems as soon as this becomes possible.
The vertical flasher is displayed on the right side of the screen when operating in the standard echo-sounder mode when a detailed display mode is selected. The vertical flasher will display accurate depth readings strictly below the echo sounder strictly at the moment.
As soon as the echo sounder determines the underwater object as a fish, you will see the fish icon on the screen. The size of the icon indicates the approximate size of the fish, and the approximate size of the fish is also shown next to the icon.
Offline maps are maps that can be downloaded for free via the Google Maps mobile app. You have a huge selection of maps of various places. We recommend downloading maps at home, via home Internet, before going fishing. This will be much faster. To download maps, go to the Google Maps application and select the "offline maps" menu item, and then select the maps of the desired region and download them. Depth maps will be plotted and stored directly on the offline maps you downloaded, so you will no longer need an Internet connection to use this feature.
Depends on the amount of free space on the internal memory or SD card of your smartphone or tablet. The XFishFinder application has no restrictions on the maximum size of the scan history file. The application also has no limit on the maximum number of history files.
The latest version of the XFishFinder application has three color modes. In whatever weather and time of day you are fishing, you can always read the echo sounder from the screen of your smartphone comfortably.
We are always glad to cooperate and are open to new contacts. Wherever you are, if you want to become our partner, just email us at support@xfishfinder.ru.
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