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First acquaintance

Thank you for purchasing XFishFinder! We hope that its use will be enjoyable and fun!

The instructions we provide contain important information, useful notes, and tips on using the device and the application. Please read it, it will help you to better master XFishFinder!

Characters will be used in the text. With their help, we tried to draw attention to important information:

Helpful tips on using XFishFinder.

Getting Started

Warning! We warn that the images in this manual may differ slightly from the appearance of the device (this is due to the fact that XFishFinder is continuously being improved), but the device itself will work just as well.

An electronic manual is contained in each mobile app update.

Watch the video about the capabilities of the XFishFinder echo sounder and setting tips you can on the channel XFishFinder on YouTube

Install Application

Use GooglePlay to find and download an application.

Install the application following the instructions on the screen.

You can experience the XFishFinder echo sounder application before you get to the pond. To do this, run it and click the buttons Menu - Demonstration of work.


Connect via USB OTG cable to XFishFinder device

To connect a XFishFinder device to your smartphone or tablet, use a MicroUSB OTG to MiniUSB adapter (included)

Connect via BlueTooth to a XFishFinder USB OTG + Bluetoth device

On your smartphone or tablet, turn on the BlueTooth module and select the XFishFinder device from the available BlueTooth devices. Wait for the connection.

Place echo sounder sensor in water.

Start the XFishFinder application, then the echo sounder will be ready for use immediately. In some cases, if you need to connect the echo sounder to the device manually, press to do so. Menu – Device - Connection, then select the type of connection.


Sound waves are the foundation of echolocation technology. This technology allows you to determine the topography, the structure of the bottom and the depth directly below the wireless sensor (transducer). The transducer sends a sound wave and determines the distance to the day by measuring the time between the transmission of the sound wave and its reflection from the object. The echo sounder processes the reflected signal and determines the location, size and type of the object.

Main Screen

Open the XFishFinder application. You will see a map screen and an echo sounder.

Remember that some interface details may differ on different smartphones or tablets

Interface Details

Battery icon of a smartphone or tablet

Icon of the signal power from the sonar sensor

Icon of connecting with GPS satellites

Icon to play back scan history

Icon for recording scan data history

Icon for connecting a XFishFinder device with a smartphone or tablet via USB OTG

Icon for connecting a XFishFinder device with a smartphone or tablet via BlueTooth

At the current position of the echo sounder, the temperature and depth of the water is displayed in the upper right corner

Adjustable depth scale

Depth, fish position, and its relative size

Image of the bottom

Interpreted sonar data is displayed on the main screen. Depth and bottom displayed in the lower part of the screen.

Sonar reflects only what is under it. The later the information was collected, the more to the right it is on the screen. The current data is displayed on the edge of the screen, in the rightmost part of the display. The view scrolls to the left as new information is received from the echo sounder.

The bottom of the reservoir always reflects a strong signal, therefore it is depicted as a continuous, intensely colored line running at the bottom of the screen.

Vegetation information (algae at the bottom of the pond) is displayed in green.

Echo Sounder XFishFinder has signal interpretation technology. It displays fish and bottom structure. Large flocks of fish or objects close to the bottom can affect the readings of the depth of the reservoir.

You can track fish by viewing current sonar data using the fish icon. Fish icons are displayed depending on the size of the fish.

Remember that fish classification depends on various characteristics. The weight of the fish is only one of them, therefore the size of the sign of the fish may not always correspond to its size.


Press the Menu button this will call up the Program menu.

The main screen menu allows you to access various application features:


Using the Player, the history of scan data is played and recorded.

Button Record used to record scan history>

Button Reproduction used to view the crawl history

Button Stop stop recording or playing back the crawl history

To change the playback speed, click the option of the same name.

To delete a History entry, click on the History file and hold it down for a few seconds.

Scan history is saved to the root folder of the XFishFinder, SD card or internal memory of a smartphone or tablet.


Using item Depth you can set the automatic change of the depth of the device, depending on the position of the bottom. If you want to set the change in depth of the instrument manually, set the upper and lower depth limits.

Using item Connection Select the most convenient connection type for the XFishFinder device to your Smartphone or tablet. There are two types of connections:

In paragraph Filters it is possible to set the minimum size of the fish, which will be shown on the screen (the size is indicated in arbitrary units) and the power of the interference filter.

The noise filter power for this product is determined by the minimum depth of the instrument, so when using an echo sounder at depths less than 1 meter, turn off the noise filter.

Noise filter disabled (0):

Noise filter enabled (60):

In paragraph Serial Number Fill in the serial number of your XFishFinder device and access code. Serial number and access code is included.


Sound alerts when stationary using the device serve as a signal of the appearance of a new fish.

In accordance with the user settings, when the depth is changed or when the fish is detected by the echo sounder, the application will send you sound alerts.

You can also set a minimum depth signal to avoid running aground when traveling by boat.

Point Fish Warnings Enables sound notifications if a fish appears under the echo sounder.

Point Depth Warning Enables sound notifications if the depth below the echo sounder is less than the specified value.


Using the Appearance item you can:

Enable / disable the vertical indicator of the echo sounder sensor signal indicating the intensity of the reflected signal.

Enable / disable display of fish on the device screen

Enable / Disable Map Display.

Enable / disable the color map of the depth maps, as well as adjust the depth map depth display details (set the number of colors to display)

Select the main screen palette.

Units of Measure

Using the Units of Measurement item in various measurement systems, you can select the units of measurement for temperature and depth.

Depth maps

When the 'Scanning History' is recorded, when you change your position (change in GPS coordinates), the data from the sonar sensor as well as GPS data are recorded in a file with the .csv extension in text form.

The data in the file is stored as follows: Latitude, Longitude, Depth, Temperature, Number of fish

Clicking on the appropriate file on your map loads or deletes depth maps from the csv file.

This file can be imported into Google My Maps, or to other applications, as well as export data to other popular formats

To delete a file, rename or send it, click on the depth map file and hold it down for a few seconds.


With the help of the Instruction item you can see this instruction.

About the program

With the help of the About item you can see the current version of the program


The XFishFinder smart echo sounder allows you to create cartographic maps of your favorite fishing spots. When working with enabled maps, XFishFinder constantly connects to the GPS module of your smartphone or tablet, and creates custom cartographic maps in real time right on the screen.

These cards are automatically saved when recording along with the history of the scan data.

Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of GoogleInc, and are used with permission.

If you use a mobile device with a GPS module turned on, it will open a map showing your current location. You can explore it for different points of interest by zooming in, using zoom and zoom gestures on the touch screen. If you cannot find your location on a map, you can always center it on your current location.

If you save a map area on your device, you can use it even without an Internet connection, for example, where there is no expensive mobile connection, or a low connection speed.

You can set your marker on the map by long pressing the desired area. The marker is also deleted by long pressing on any area of the map.


XFishFinder is compatible with various devices based on Android 4.0 IceCreamSand the latest.

The Android device must also have: USBOTG module (for XFishFinder USB OTG version), Bluetooth module (for XFishFinder USB OTG + Bluetoth version), GPS module.

Screen Resolution: mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi and xxhdpi

Screen Size: Normal, Large and Xlarge.

We are constantly working to support all possible devices and software versions. However, if you use third-party Android firmware, then problems may arise. If this happens, be sure to let us know and we will try to find a solution.


XFishFinder USB OTG

1. Antenna

2. Device case

3. MicroUSB OTG adapter

XFishFinder USB OTG + Bluetooth

1. Antenna

2. Device case

3. MicroUSB OTG adapter

Package Content

1. XFishFinder device

2. Antenna

3. MicroUSB OTG - MiniUSB Adapter Cable

4. Serial number and access code

In some configurations MicroUSB OTG - MiniUSB adapter cable, can be replaced with a MicroUSB OTG - USB adapter and USB –MiniUSB cable


In order for XFishFinder to serve you for a long time, you need to follow some care procedures:


XFishFinder USB OTG Echo Sounder Specifications

Size: 45 x 29 x 27 mm; Weight: 15g

Compatibility: Android 4.0 and later

Body: ABS Plastic

Connection Type: Wired USB OTG Connection

Distance from the sensor: up to 70m

Sonar Type: Lucky - Boat

Temperature Units: Celsius / Fahrenheit

Operating Temperature Range: -20 ° C to 50 ° C

Current Consumption: 26 milliamperes (mA)

Battery: powered by a smartphone or tablet battery

Operating time: depends on the battery capacity of the smartphone or tablet

The approximate running time can be calculated as the battery capacity divided by the current consumed. With a battery capacity of 2000 mA/Hour, with minimum screen brightness, the approximate running time: 2000 / 26 mA ~ 76 hours

XFishFinder USB OTG + Bluetooth Echo Sounder Specifications

Size: 70 x 53 x 24 mm; Weight: 27g

Compatibility: Android 4.0 and later

Body: ABS Plastic

Connection type: Bluetooth or wired USB OTG connection

Bluetooth reception range: up to 10m

Distance from the sensor: up to 70m

Sonar Type: Lucky - Boat

Temperature Units: Celsius / Fahrenheit

Operating Temperature Range: -20 ° C to 50 ° C

Current Consumption: 56 milliamperes (mA)

Battery: powered by 6 AAA items

Operating time: for salt batteries - 10 hours, for alkaline batteries - 18 hours, for lithium batteries - 23 hours

The range of reception of the signal from the sensor depends largely on weather conditions.

Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks


To establish a connection, place the sonar sensor in the water at a distance of no more than 5 meters from yourself.

Restart the application or smartphone if you cannot establish a connection for a long time.

Hold the smartphone correctly

It’s best to hold a smartphone or tablet in your hand or use a special mount to a fishing pole. If the smartphone is in your pocket or on the ground, this can cause connection problems.

The case for a smartphone or tablet should be made of lightweight plastic. Metal covers or covers made of thick plastic will not transmit Bluetooth radio.

Avoid interference

Connect the XFishFinder to no more than one sonar sensor!

These tips will help you get the most out of XFishFinder. For any questions you may contact our customer support. We will help you!

Contact us

Use the form to contact Contact us on our website or send email to

For any questions regarding the purchase of an echo sounder, contact your local distributor.

A list of all XFishFinder echo sounder distributors is listed on our website. This list is subject to change without prior notice to potential and existing customers.


Dear customer!

Thank you for purchasing the XFishFinder product, and we hope that you will enjoy using it. If you have any questions about warranty and post-warranty service, please contact XFishFinder UAB directly., recommend that you thoroughly review the documentation before requesting warranty service.

your guarantee

This warranty applies to your XFishFinder product, as indicated in the brochures that accompany this product, provided it was purchased during the warranty period. XFishFinderUAB, guarantees no defects in materials and systems of the device from the date of initial purchase and for a period not less than one year from this date. XFishFinderUAB will provide and will comply with the warranty specified in this manual or accompanying leaflets in a country in which you will require warranty service. If during the warranty period (from the date of the initial purchase), any defect in any materials or product systems, XFishFinderUAB, will replace the product or defective parts, subject to the conditions and limitations given below. XFishFinderUAB, or dealers can replace defective products or parts with new ones. All products and parts adopted in exchange for new ones become the property of XFishFinder UAB again.


1. Warranty services will be provided during the warranty period only if there is an original invoice or check (indicating the date of purchase, model name and the seller) along with the defective products. XFishFinderUAB may refuse to perform warranty services if the relevant documents have not been submitted, as well as if they are incomplete or unreliable. The warranty is not valid if the model name or serial number on the product has been altered, erased, deleted or damaged.

2. The warranty does not cover transportation costs and risks associated with transporting your product to XFishFinder UAB.

3. The warranty does not apply to:

4. This warranty covers only hardware components of the product. It does not apply to software (whether XFishFinderUAB or other), a license agreement or warranty for which is distributed separately.

5. XFishFinder UAB does not guarantee that working with XFishFinder will not contain errors or interruptions. Small disruptions can occur for reasons described in this troubleshooting guide or due to other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. Software changesproviding or configuring the mobile or tablet device used with the device.

6. Payment for the diagnosis of your product will be charged to you under the following conditions:

How to get warranty service?

Be sure to contact us, before requesting warranty service for technical assistance.

Valid warranty claims for thirty (30) days after purchase are processed at the point of purchase, this time may vary depending on the place of purchase of the product. Contact XFishFinder UAB or seller for details. Warranty claims that cannot be issued in the place of purchase and any other issues related to the products should be sent directly to XFishFinder UAB. Addresses and contact information XFishFinder UAB can be found in the documentation accompanying the product or on the Internet at

Exceptions and limitations

XFishFinder UAB makes no guarantees other than the above (express, implied, statutory or otherwise) quality, performance, accuracy, reliability, suitability for a specific purpose on a product or software, if this is not allowed or is fully authorized by law. XFishFinder UAB excludes or limits its warranties only to the maximum extent permitted by applicable by law.

Any guarantee that cannot be completely excluded will be limited (to the extent permitted by applicable law) during the termguarantees. XFishFinder UAB hereby undertakes only to repair or replace products subject to these warranty conditions.

This also applies to loss and damage in any legal sphere, including negligence and other offenses, breach of contract and obligations guarantees, and strict liability (even where XFishFinder UAB was warned about the possibility of such damages).

Where appropriate, the law prohibits or restricts these exclusions of liability. XFishFinder UAB excludes or limits its liability only to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law. Responsibility of XFishFinder UAB, under this warranty, should in no case exceed the amount paid for the product, however, if the law allows a higher limit, higher limits apply

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No other guarantees

Neither XFishFinderUAB, dealer, agent, or employee has the right to make changes, extend or supplement this warranty.


The user can transport the product without additional requirements. Special packaging and labeling requirements for transport by third parties (for example, the air transport agency) must be met. Consult an expert on hazardous materials for details.

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