XFishFinder application allows to work with the company Lucky sonar sensors which are used in sonar: Lucky FFW718, FF718Li-W, FFW718LiC, FF718Li, FF718LiCD, FF718LiD, FF718LiC-W, FF718 DUO, FF718LiC-WLA, FFW1108-1, FFW1108-1CWLA , FF518, FF918-C100WDS, FF918-100WS

How does it work?

Data from the echo sounder sensor is received by the receiver located in the XFishFinder device case and transmitted to the smartphone or tablet via USB OTG or Bluetooth.

The XfishFinder software draws data from the sensor on the screen of a smartphone or tablet.

In the software implemented:

Record / playback of the scanning history of the reservoir
Working with Google maps, and creating pond depth maps
Vertical signal strength indicator from the sensor
Scale depth level, for a detailed view of the bottom
Drawing a fish and its size
Sounds of depth and fish alerts
Several options for appearance
Working with multiple units

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Sounder for fishing from the shore, from a boat, from a kayak and on ice

More Features

Advantages over other echo sounders

By choosing XFishFinder, you get 4 echo sounders in 1
Weighted lightness, lack of wires and memory cards, easy setup, data completeness, GPS functions and efficient scanning - all this is lower than the cost of traditional echo sounders.

  XFishFinder Sounders for boats and flashers
Sounder 4-in-1: for coastal fishing, kayak, boat, on ice
Every fishing session is saved on your phone
Mapping without expensive programs and memory cards, and GPS features
Easy setup no wires
Weight up to 100 g is ultra light!
Fits in a tackle box or pocket